J&T Things


The Masters of Efficiency

An Augusta National virgin describes his trip to golf’s finest event and finds simplicity in concessions, brotherhood in cup-collecting and some perspective in a bottle of Pappy.

J&T Places


24 Hours in San Francisco

The City by the Bay offers endless possibilities for visitors. Where does one begin? Fight through all the fog and follow this hour-by-hour guide on how to spend one day in S.F.

J&T People


The Car Expert

Ed Kim turned a childhood obsession with cars into his career. From affordable Hondas to customized Porsches, here are the analyst’s recommendations on what to drive.


The Growth of a Man

How SoCal barber Caleb Callison kicked drugs and booze, overcame the deaths of his dad and best friend and turned a depression beard into an unexpected career path.


One Step at a Time

After a boating accident left Jake Ousley without a left foot, the rising singer/songwriter is re-adjusting, reflecting and learning how to kick ass with the one good leg he has left.

Andrew Siciliano (David Ach/AP)

Down … Set … Hike!

The Red Zone Channel moves at breakneck speeds on NFL Sundays, so when its host Andrew Siciliano needs a break, he slows it down and hikes to find solitude and satisfaction.