Down … Set … Hike!

The Red Zone Channel moves at breakneck speeds on NFL Sundays, so when its host Andrew Siciliano needs a break, he slows it down and hikes to find solitude and satisfaction.

J&T People

On a recent Saturday, King spent the morning writing an upcoming Monday Morning Quarterback column at the dining room table in his 16th floor apartment. (Photo by Dominic Bonvissuto)

Clothes Fit for a King

Peter King dresses up for TV on NFL Sundays but goes the total opposite direction off air. Here’s a look at the casual style that makes his wife cringe but suits him just fine.

J&T Places


Patchwork Long Beach

Shopping indoors can be fun, but throw in sun, seas and breeze and the outdoor route is a no-brainer. One modern craft fair recently showcased this concept in California.

J&T Things


Grubbin’ and the Gridiron

From tailgates to sports bars, college football and food always have aligned. Now, the media is joining the party, too, using eats to establish rapport with hungry fans.


Dirty Green Tomato

Want to make a dirty martini even filthier? Go to the garden, says South Carolina chef Kevin Johnson, who uses pickling brine to make a salty drink with a spicy kick.


It’s All in the Bag

Everyone loves free stuff, including NFL players. One sports agency is setting itself apart by giving care packages to its clients, and the athletes—and brands—love the attention.